Friday, September 22, 2006

Ten Reasons I Might Start Smoking

Yesterday I gave you my ten reasons for not smoking. Today I thought I'd share with you ten reasons that might make me start smoking.

  1. I decide that I want my own personal and portable fog machine.
  2. If I ever have sex.
  3. They start making Mt. Dew flavored cigarettes.
  4. A Glade Plug-In Factory explodes near my house and I need something to balance out the smell.
  5. If I need a really passive agressive way to get my out of my marriage.
  6. I get a job as a private detective.
  7. If the Pope starts smoking.
  8. If I turn 50 and my voice still sounds like a 12 year old.
  9. If I'm going to kill someone by dousing them in gasoline and then lighting them on fire and I need a really cool and dramatic way to light the fire.
  10. If people start saying, "It's what all the dorky kids are doing."


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