Friday, September 08, 2006

Body Blog

Oh my God. I am aching so bad today. I don't know what Nate's problem is. We used to be in really good shape. We would play sports every day and work out all the time. But since college Nate has barely done any kind of physical activity. Playing Dance Dance Revolution really doesn't count. But every now and then, like last night, he'll decide to go with his buddies to 24 hour fitness and play 4 hours of full court basketball. Just out of the blue he straps on his b-ball shoes hits the court as if he had never missed a day of practice. Except he's missed about 3 years of practice! And I'm the one who has to pick up for his slack. The lungs just weren't ready that. Neither were the legs. And apparently neither were the hands because he dropped about 6 passes. It's a lot harder than just pushing the x button, isn't it Nate!

The hard part is, I try to tell the brain that we need to slow down, but Nate has ordered the brain to over power me. We're supposed to be working together, but this is one of the first times in a long time that Nate has given the brain any control so it was on a total power trip. "RUN FASTER!" "MIND OVER MATTER!!!" What a prick.

The worst part is, after 3 years of doing nothing, then 4 hours of grueling basketball, Nate just stops cold. No warm down. No stretching. Nothing. He just walks out to his car in the parking lot without putting his warm up pants back on, and drives home. Then, after all my muscles have cooled down, he gets in a hot shower, heats them up, then hops out into the cold so they freeze up again, and goes to bed. What a friggin' idiot. Where were you on that one brain!

I'm going to try and get so fat that he'll never play basketball again.


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