Monday, October 23, 2006

Best Nate Smith Ever! part 3

It is time for the third match in my running competition called Best Nate Smith Ever! I have a bad feeling about this one, much like when I was in elementary school and I knew I was about to have my lunch money taken from me. The Nate Smith I am challenging today is owner of the web domain Already, that is cooler than me.

This Nate Smith is a musician currently living in New York. In contrast I am a comedian currently living in Portland. While being a comedian is cool, being a musician is cooler. Musicians always get the chicks. You don't see a lot of underwear getting thrown onto the stage during a comedy show. Well, there was that one time, but that was because I forgot my underwear and my mom ran up to the stage to give them to me.

As a comedian I'd probably be much better off living in New York like he is. New York is home to Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, The Late Show with David Letterman, and a host of famous stand up and improv comedy clubs. At the same time, as a musician, this Nate Smith would probably be better off living in Portland. This area is home to great bands like Nirvana and the Shins. Maybe we should start a Nate Smith Exchange program.

Now, I couldn't get a hold of Nate Smith. The e-mail address listed on his site is defunct, and he has yet to answer my message I sent to his myspace page. He loses some major points there because a good Nate Smith always answers his e-mails promptly. You can test this by e-mailing me at Since I could not get a hold of Nate, I decided to interview him and use his bio from his website as his answers.

Q: Nate, where were you born?
A: Nate Smith, born in Missoula, MT.

Q: Have you always talked like a caveman?
A: My earliest influences were Stewart Copeland and Steve Gadd.

Q: And what are your influences now?
A: The New York Voices.

Q: I see...and how long have you been hearing voices?
A: Two summers.

Q: Sounds like someone might have experimented with a little drug use.
A: While in college.

Q: Where did you get these drugs?
A: From the drug chair.

Q: Okay...are you high right now?
A: Extensively.

I cut the interview short because you as you can see, he was high as a kite. And that is too bad for Nate, because as we learned during our childhood, Users are Losers. It rhymes so it must be true. Nate Smith, I am a better Nate Smith than you.

Wow, I didn't think I was going to win that one. If you are a Nate Smith or you know a Nate Smith and think he is better than me, bring it on. E-mail me at and prove to me that you are The Best Nate Smith Ever!

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