Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Movie Titles on a Blog

Most people agree that "Snakes on a Plane" is a pretty blunt movie title, but for some reason it is still really compelling. The Hollywood production companies are now trying to cash in on this type of marketing scheme with similar movie titles. Here are 10 possible movies that might come out next summer.

  1. Snakes on a Baby.
  2. Ants in a Pants.
  3. Kittens on a Ferry.
  4. Pandas on a Unicorn.
  5. Days in a Week.
  6. Ladies on a Diet.
  7. Jews in a Mel Gibson film.
  8. Sharks on a Train.
  9. Toppings on a Pizza.
  10. Idiots on a Reality TV Show.
For an added bonus, imagine Samuel L. Jackson saying "I'm tired of these mother f###ing (blanks) on this mother f###ing (blank)!


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