Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Brain Blog

Man I am so bored. Nate hasn't used me in days! Who am I kidding, he hasn't used me for years. Ever since he got married, I have been pretty much obsolete. Anytime he has a chance to think for himself, he gets his wife to do it instead. I mean I don't blame him for deferring to her. Her brain is far superior. But it'd be nice to get a little exercise every now and then. I mean, it's not my fault that I keep making mistakes. I haven't had any practice lately. It's like asking a Doctor who hasn't done a surgery in 2 years to suddenly get back in the game and do a double bypass surgery. Sure, he'll do okay for the most part, but he's gonna make a few wrong cuts here and there. And now Nate and I are having trust issues because anytime someone asks him a question he doesn't trust that I will have the answer for him. Most of the time if he has to remember something, he won't even use me. He'll just put it in his stupid little notepad. So when he does put some information in me, what's the point of keeping it for him? How do I even know he'll end up using it? He'll probably just ask his wife for the information like he always does.

Look, I'll admit that I've gotten a little lazy over the years. I mean, I haven't really had to do much ever since Nate got married, and to be quite honest I wasn't doing that much before he got married either. But I don't think this is totally my fault. If you have a nice car, but you let it sit for a few years, it's not going to start up right away. You have to keep it finely tuned. You have to run it every now and then. So the fact that Nate has been neglecting me is ultimately the reason why I've been having so many problems. And I'm not the only one that Nate has done this to. Just ask his body.


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