Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Best Nate Smith Ever! part 2

Welcome to the another Best Nate Smith Ever! competition. In the last match I was completely blown out of the water by Fire Pirate Nate Smith. This week, I have decided to take on someone a little more my size. I found this Nate Smith while surfing through Myspace.com and right off the bat I was pretty sure I am better than this Nate Smith.
He looks awesome enough. Cool hat. Real facial hair. 2 instruments at the same time. Hangs out on railroad tracks. And he has a really tall friend to take pictures of him. But then I took a closer look at his Myspace page. He only has 16 friends! I have 408! DOMINATED! Then I went to see how many comments his friends had posted about him. A measely 6. I have 66! DESTROYED! Now, he does have 4 really rockin' banjo songs on his profile. But I have 10 really hilarious videos on mine. DECIMATED! Then I checked out how many people had viewed his profile. A whopping 151. Man, I think he has me beat there, because I only have....1,692, oh wait, that's way friggin' more! DELINEATED! The final straw is that I sent him a message about this contest last week, and he has yet to respond. I respond to e-mails and Myspace messages right away! WHY? Because it is the right thing to do.

So in conclusion, simply based on the comparison of our Myspace pages, I am clearly a better Nate Smith than this guy. See the evidence for yourself.
My Myspace profile
Nate Smith's Myspace profile

So now that puts me in 2nd place out of the 3 Nate Smiths that have taken part in this contest. If your name is Nate Smith, or you know a Nate Smith, and think you/he is way cooler than me, then bring it! And when I say "bring it" I mean e-mail me at natesmithsemail@gmail.com

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