Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Beef of Fish?

I was recently filling out a questionnaire and the essay prompt was "Beef of fish?" I think they meant "Beef or Fish?" But I took their question quite literally, and here is my answer.

"Beef of fish?"
What is the beef of fish? There are many different kinds of fish and other water dwelling creatures, but which one deserves the title "Beef of fish?" One might foolishly jump to the conclusion that the Manatee must be the beef of fish. After all, it is known as the Sea Cow. But first of all, the Manatee is not actually a fish, it is a mammal. So it is immediately disqualified. Besides, it takes a lot more than just being called a cow to be the beef of something. Cows are the beef of mammals, but if it weren't for the fact that they render a meat that is so tasty, as well as versatile in its culinary uses, we would strip that title from them and give it to Chicken.

So what fish deserves this audacious title? The Tuna Fish has certainly made a name for itself as being a versatile food item available in a vast array of entrees and dishes. Unfortunately, that name is "Chicken of the Sea," which is a close second to "Beef of fish." Halibut is definitely a tasty fish enjoyed by many, but there are not too many different ways one can serve Halibut. So it too does not qualify. But then there is Salmon. Now Salmon is a tasty treat that comes in a variety of forms. You can get it sliced up and cooked right in front of you at Benihanas, you can get it in hot dog form at Safeway, you can have a nice salmonwich, and I've even had Salmon Jerky. Therefore, I nominate Salmon as the "Beef of fish."


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