Monday, November 20, 2006

Pilgrim Blog

Things have not been going so well. We got to this awesome land, and were really excited about starting our new nation here. But we started looking around our new property and apparently there are some other people here. They like to squat a lot, and they are on OUR property without permission, so I've been calling them squatters. Everyone else is calling them Indians but um...I really don't think that's what they are. But whatever they are called, they are annoying. First of all, it seems like they don't know how to do anything because everytime we see them the first thing they say is "How?" And it's pretty obvious that they don't know how to do much because they are living in tents. Ever heard of making a house? But "how" is pretty much the only English word they have learned. Which makes for some pretty awkward situations. Like there was that time when we asked them if we could take their horses and their land. They just laughed and nodded at us so we assumed that meant it was okay. But then when we started riding away with their horses, they shot arrows at us. Awkward. Kind of annoying if you think about it. They said we could have their horses and land, and then they took them back. Everyone else is calling it "Indian Giving." But I really don't agree with that term. They aren't Indians. I call it "Squatter Giving."

Anyway, we're trying to put all of those troubles behind us for now. It's getting really frickin cold here and we need some food. So we've decided to have a joint feast with Squatters. The one thing they do know how to do is have a party. They're going to bring the corn, the bread, the cornbread, the entertainment, and the peace pipe. We're going to bring a turkey. That seems pretty fair. I just hope they are grateful.


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