Tuesday, November 28, 2006

10 New Game Show Ideas

With the huge success of the hit game show Deal or No Deal, NBC executives have rushed to cash in on the popularity of its format. Here are 10 new game show ideas being pitched at NBC.

1. Feel or No Feel: A pedophile picks through 26 briefcases containing pictures of little boys to see if he can win a date with a very special child.

2. Heal or No Heal: A terminally ill patient tests his luck to see if he can pick the briefcase with the right anecdote.

3. Reel or No Reel: A group of movie goers pick 1 of 26 different movie theaters and see if they get to watch a movie, or sit in uncomfortable silence for 2 hours.

4. Kneel or No Kneel: A possible Groom to be blindly picks from 26 girls and then is forced to decide if he will propose or not.

5. Squeal or No Squeal: A cross between Fear Factor and Deal or No Deal, contestants choose a briefcase to put their hand into. If the contents of the briefcase make them squeal, they have to eat it.

6. Peel or No Peel: 26 fruits are displayed. The contestant must decide if he would like to peel them or not.

7. Biel or No Biel: A nerd tries his luck to see if he can win a date with Jessica Biel.

8. Teal or No Teal: Bridesmaids watch nervously as the Bride picks out their dresses.

9. Meal or No Meal: Homeless people get the chance to win anything from a half eaten bologne sandwich to a full 10 course meal.

10. Appeal or No Appeal: A mix between Deal or No Deal and Judge Judy, contestants can possibly plea bargain their way out of jail time, but if they aren't careful they could end up with multiple life sentences.


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