Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Grumpy Old Man Blog

Dag-nabbit! The day I hate the most is here again! Halloween! All those greedy little kids with their grubby little hands will be ringing my doorbell all night long. Can't you see that my porch light isn't on you little bastards?! All I want to do is have a peaceful night at home watching re-runs of the Golden Girls. Them Golden Girls are so hot! When are they going to make the Golden Girls Gone Wild DVD? If I don't die before they make it, it will surely be the thing that kills me.

I tell you what, the first little mangy child that shows up to my door is getting a major whallop in the chin. It will be "Trick or..." PUNCH! And then I'll say, "What are you supposed to be little girl? Princess of Broken Nose Land?" Oh, that will be good. Maybe Halloween isn't so bad after all.


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