Monday, October 30, 2006

Political Attack Blog

(Best if read out loud with dramatic voice)

Nate's Left Arm is weaker than his Right Arm. His Left Arm will try to tell you that he is good at doing specialized activities like holding the phone, but isn't this just an excuse for being...noodley? His Left Hand can't even write. How specialized is that?

Take a look at Nate's Left Arm's voting record and you'll see some things you might not like. Nate's Left Arm voted YES on proposition 72 that would have allowed more vegetables to enter the body. Nate's Left Arm also voted YES on the High Five Appropriations Bill that would have authorized a reckless number of high fives to complete strangers as Nate passed them on the street. Nate's Left Arm is conservative on some issues, and liberal on others, that's a flip flop.

To make things worse, Nate's Left Arm was caught making an obscene gesture to a group of little girls. Is this the kind of Arm you want to keep in office?

Paid for by friends of Nate's Right Arm.

I'm Nate's Right Arm, and I approve this message.


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