Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bitch Move

Pardon my french, but Cheerios has made the biggest bitch move in the history of cereal competition. Cheerios has released a new version of their beloved breakfast item.
Fruity Cheerios.
Man, that looks really familiar. What does that remind me of?
Oh yeah. Fricking Froot Loops!Are you kidding me Cheerios? I mean, really? C'mon. Who are you trying to fool?

But I have noticed a trend in what seems to be blatant conceptual theft. Right after the Fruity Cheerios ad I saw on TV, there was an ad for a new TV show starring Taye Diggs. The concept is that Taye Diggs keeps living the same violent day over and over, and each day his girlfriend is killed until he finally puts all the clues together and s
olves the crime and saves the day. Sound familiar? What's the title for this show? 6 Feet In the Groundhogs Day ?

Well I hope Froot Loops strikes back and releases a retaliation breakfast item. I'd like to see Frootless Loops. Or maybe Froot Loops could be trend setters in the Cereal arena and move on from fruit. Maybe Froot Loops could bring together the sugary fun of a breakfast in a bowl, and the hearty goodness of a home-cooked breakfast with Meat Loops! MMMMMMMMMM.....


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