Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Goofy Headline

This headline and picture was on the front of CNN.com yesterday.

Social Worker Beaten to Death, Baby Missing

Now, is it me, or does this headline make it sound like the Baby is the suspect? "Social Worker Beaten to Death, Baby at Large!" But maybe the Baby did beat this woman to death. You can clearly see from the picture that this baby is not comfortable being held by this lady. Maybe the baby lashed out in a fit of rage and grabbed a nearby frying pan or rolling pin and went to town on the her.

Now let's look at the lady. I have reason to believe that this baby had a twin and was merely acting in self defense in order to avoid being eaten, because this lady looks hungry.

I think it is time that we search every dollhouse, playhouse, treehouse, show called House, and Speaker of the House, until we find this killer baby and bring it to justice!


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