Friday, October 27, 2006

Blank Page Blog

Man, here I am, all alone. Completely blank. I sure wish someone would come and write something on me. Could be anything. Doesn't have to be something special, just something. Oh wait, what's this guy doing? He's writing on me! YES! He's...wait...what's he writing about? Ew, that's sick. Hey! Stop writing that! I don't want to be apart of this! That's illegal! I will not be a culprit in your sick and twisted crime. I don't want to be evidence in your court case someday. Look, you used pencil. You can erase all that writing right now and I'll be as good as new. Nobody has to know. I can't even remember what you wrote. I didn't see anything.

Look, seriously...if you don't stop this right now, I'm going to give you a paper cut. First I'll make it really hard for you to pick me up, and then when you finally do get me off the table I'm going to bend in an unexpected way and get you right underneath the fingernail. I swear I'll do it. You aren't the only cold hearted killer in the room. That's right. I'd give you a paper cut to the jugular if I could just get close enough. Don't test me.

Hey what are you doing? Stop it. Why are you crumpling me up? No don't throw me away! It was a great plan! You should definitely keep it! I really liked the part about using the knife instead of the gun so that no one would hear it. You've got something good going here. Don't toss it! Please don't throw me in the trash can with the post-it-notes and the used tissues!


Oh hey offense.


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