Saturday, April 21, 2007

What kind of Pirates ARRR you?

I just read on that Pyratecon, a weekend long Pirate convention, is headed down to New Orleans. This is pretty awesome. I love pirates. But the article goes on to say that part of the convention will include going to schools hit by Katrina to give aid. Excuse me? Look, I'm all for helping out the victims of Katrina. But if you are going to spend a weekend trying to be as piratey as possible, spreading good will and helping out others is not the way to do it. Pirates are all about plundering and pillaging and taking whatever they can get for themselves. "Take what you can. Give nothing back!" What's next? Is there going to be a NAMBLA convention where people dress up like pedophiles and then go spend a day volunteering at a Senior Citizen home? Or maybe a Hooker convention where they go to schools and teach abstinence. All I'm saying is comic book geeks don't go to comic book conventions to get laid, and pirate geeks shouldn't go to pirate conventions to give aid.


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