Sunday, April 15, 2007

Celebrity Name Game

I came up with a new game that I will simply call the Celebrity Name Game. The rules of the game are simple. I come up with funny combination of a word or phrase, and a celebrity name. They are fun to say out loud, although sometimes they are a bit difficult to pronounce correctly. An example is Egregious Philbin. If he hosted a game show it'd be called "Who Wants To Be A FUCKING Millionaire!"

Here are a bunch of Celebrity Name/Word combinations I came up with while sitting in church. Feel free to leave a comment with your own entries.

Fauxprah - She tells you there's a key to a brand new car under your seat, but there's no key there.
Inflammatori Amos - Trying to relaunch her career, Tori Amos takes on the hip hop scene.
Stay-Puff Daddy - "Don't touch my fuckin' belly."
Paula Abdula-Oblongata - If you don't get this one, watch Adam Sandler's Waterboy.
Condo-Leeza Rice - Tall and elegant, but you don't want to know what goes on in the boiler room.
Madonnatello - A Ninja Turtle that wears a purple cone bra.
Dr. Philabuster - This is actually an accurate representation of Dr. Phil.
Shish-Kabob Hope - This is what happened the last time he was roasted at the Friar's Club.
Tony Infludanza - This is what everybody caught when "Who's the Boss" was on, and what everyone was immune to when Tony Danza got his own talk show.
LeBrawny James - The quicker National Championship picker upper.
Quentin Tarantina Turner - He keeps hitting himself and then going back for more. And of course a ton of blood spurts out.
Fallic Baldwin - Alec is the tip, and Stephen and William are the balls.
Stephen Speilburglar - After not getting the Oscar this year, he turned to a life of crime.
Maitre' Dionne Warrick - She'll take your reservation and sing you a song while you wait.
Astrologena Davis - She used to be a star, now she just studies them.
Danish Cook - This pastry is hilarious!
LL Cool Whip - Grab a ho and apply generously.
Rubix Cuba Gooding Jr. - As soon as you solve it, you'll want to give a tear-filled acceptance speech.
Anthony Michael Halter Top - Totally fashionable in the 80's. Not so much now.
Chocolate Eclaire Danes - mmmmmmm......
Jeep Cherokeifer Sutherland - The deadliest vehicle on the road.


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