Friday, April 20, 2007

My Dreams Come True!

So I just saw this on In Chicago, they are planning on building a 2000 foot, 150 story, twisting skyscraper. It will be the tallest building in the US. But that's not the best part. Look at it! It's a big Unicorn horn! It's so beautiful! I am so jealous of the 1,200 residents that will get to live inside this magical creation! I can only imagine how glorious the inside of this building will be!

10 Best Things About Living in a Unicorn Horn
Terrorists can't destroy this building because Unicorn horns are impervious to evil.
2. None of the residents will ever have a need for viagra.
3. You never have to tell people your address. You can just say, I live at the Unicorn horn and they know exactly what you mean.
4. You can finally put up all those paintings of unicorns without it seeming gay.
5. Free pot of gold at the end of every hallway.
6. When you go into the basement, you are in the Unicorn's brain!
7. You don't have to worry about water building up on the roof of the building.
8. Every time a doorbell rings, a Unicorn gets its horn.
9. Every wish you make comes true.
10. You're in a friggin' Unicorn horn! What more do you need!?


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