Friday, April 06, 2007

Disney: The Gayest Place on Earth

That's what it means, right? Gay means happy. Look it up. And now if you're gay and want to have the happiest wedding on Earth, Mickey Mouse says, "Oh boy!" Disney has officially announced that wedding ceremonies in front of Cinderella's Castle are now open to same-sex couples, granted they have a valid marriage license. Disney has finally put the fairy back in fairy tale.

And I say good for them! Finally all the closeted gay Disney characters can come out. For example: The Seven Dwarves. Only one of them wasn't gay and that was Grumpy, which explains why he was always so grumpy. He was the only one not getting any action. How about that Candlestick from Beauty and the Beast? He is literally flaming, and you know he fantasizes about having Jack be nimble but maybe not so quick. And of course there is Baloo, a large male "bear" who is constantly hanging out with a boy in his underwear.

And now these characters can finally embrace their true colors...which is a rainbow.


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