Wednesday, April 04, 2007

2nd Fife

Headline from Virtual Feds Visit Second Life Casinos. Apparently the creators of the online game had a major virtual reality check when they realized they might be legally responsible any illegal gambling going on in their faux world. So they actually asked the Feds to investigate the casinos, where their currency of lindens are exchanged for real world dollars, in order to determine what, if any, actions need to be taken. The legality of it all isn't that interesting to me. What is interesting is the idea of FBI agents signing on to this crazy game, creating virtual identities, and walking around the world of 2nd Life in order to investigate. So many questions arise! What will they make their characters look like? Will they give themselves the chiseled physique the Bureau demands they attain? Or will they stay true to the chubby physique the Bureau has allowed them to retain? Will they don official FBI duds? Or will they get to live out their fantasies of wearing a bad ass leather jacket and carrying a shotgun strapped to their back (while secretly wearing ladies underwear underneath)?

I, by the way, have dabbled in 2nd Life.
Here is the character I created for myself.
Check out that mustache! That's a Luigi special!

So what's next? Are the Feds going to cut down on illegal betting going on at the Mario Kart Speedways? You know Wario and Donkey Kong are totally placing bets on the side. Or maybe the UN will start looking into the interrogation techniques of Halo squadrons. And don't even get me started on Grand Theft Auto.

I for one am very excited with this new development. We can expect a myriad of new TV shows!

CSI: World of Warcraft - "Get this Orc DNA to the lab right away. It's going to take a real wizard to solve this crime."
"Well you're in luck, because I am a wizard."
Law and Order: CSVU (Cyber Sexual Victims Unit) - "According to your profile you're an 18 year old cheerleader. But we both know that's not true, is it Mr. Jenkins?"
And of course there will be ESPN: Fantasy Sports Center.


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