Thursday, April 19, 2007

Don't let me die!

So I just found an awesome website called It's produced by Will Ferrell and his peeps and basically it is a host site for funny videos. At the end of each video you can vote either "funny" or "die." If you do really well then Will Ferrell comes to your house and kisses you on the lips (that's an assumption, but I think it's a safe one to make.) If enough people vote for your video to die, it goes to the crypt. I've posted some videos up on the site. Some you have seen here. Please click on the links below and if you think they are funny vote for them by clicking on "funny" in the video player. If you don't think they are funny...simply walk away. Thanks! And make sure you go to the site!

Splash Mountain


Get Rhythm

Figures of Action

If I had Nunchucks

Telling Jokes

Reese's Quail Cups


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