Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blog Blog

I've existed for a little over a week now. Nate really hasn't done much with me so far. His last few blogs have followed a consistent theme, but they are a little lack luster. I've seen other blogs and they have lots of pictures and links in the text. Nate hardly does any of that. I guess it could be worse. He hasn't made the blog all cluttered and hard to read like some other blogs. But still, the page feels a little empty. It's as if he doesn't really care what people think. I'm not even sure he is doing anything to promote me. Why do I even exist? What's the point? I'm so depressed.


Nate is a Blog has found a new home at where Nate promises to give you all of the same great content of this site, but just a whole lot more of it. Check it out!