Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Clark's Blind Hunter

I was reading about Lewis & Clark today (a little research for a possible upcoming project) and I read something that was just beautiful. Apparently on the way back home during their grand Lewis & Clark Expedition, Lewis and Clark split up, each taking their own team a different route. They met up again later in the trip "when one of Clark's hunters, Pierre Cruzatte, blind in one eye and nearsighted in the other, mistook Lewis for an elk and fired, injuring Lewis in the thigh." CLASSIC!! First of all, the sentence "one of Clark's hunters who is blind in one eye and nearsighted in the other" is hilarious all on its own. Why was Pierre Cruzatte one of Clark's hunters? Having a blind hunter is like having a one legged runner, only a lot more dangerous. Actually I admire Clark for not putting limitations on his men. "Sir, I would like to be your official trumpet player. Sadly, I have no lips."

Having a blind hunter must have made for interesting meal time discussions.

"Pierre, what did you catch for dinner today?"

"A tree!"


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