Tuesday, August 22, 2006

in my head

I sat down to write this blog entry and couldn't get started. Every topic I decided to explore was pre-determined to be "bad". Just like a bad improviser (which I can be at times) I am in my head too much. So what I like to do whenever I am in my head too much is to actually go into my head and explore the obstacles that are preventing the flow. As I wrote the title "in my head" I glanced over at my iPod and noticed that the song that just started is "empty spaces" by Pink Floyd. My iPod always seems to have a comment on my current situation.

Anyway, let's take a stroll through my head. Shouldn't take that long. The first thing you'll notice is there is almost no security at all. This place is totally insecure. There is one security guard but he is way too scrawny to stop anything. The second thing you'll notice is the clutter. There are just tons and tons of ideas and concepts floating around. Unfortunately they are not at all organized. Every now and then as I stroll through here I'll kick one up that I hadn't seen for a long time. There's also some information in here but almost none of it is actually useful. And any information that is useful is covered up by my ideas and concepts. So usually by the time I get to the useful information, it's too late.

Next you'll see the archives. This is where I store all my memories. They are not at all organized and I can hardly ever find the ones I am looking for. Plus there's a kid who likes to go around the archives drawing with crayon on all my old memories so that when I do find them they are totally distorted.

So that's basically what it's like in my head. Now you can see why I don't like to be in it.


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