Monday, August 28, 2006

Dog Blog

Another monday at the house. My master is off to work again. We had a pretty fun weekend. He took me out to the park and let me chase small children around. That was fun. Man they really scream. Especially if you work up a good slobbery foam around your mouth. I don't know what "rabies" is, but it's hilarious when they yell it.

But now the weekend is over. Master is gone all day. Time to take care of my daily chores. Let's see, I already humped the couch leg, and moved all the couch pillows into the kitchen, and barked at the neighbors kids until they were too scared to play in their yard. What else...? I feel like I am forgetting something. OH YEAH!! Poop and Seek! My master and I have this really fun on going game that we play. Each day that my master goes to work, I find a new place to go poop in the house. Then when he comes home he tries to find it. Sometimes he'll pretend like he didn't see it and step right in it with his favorite Christmas socks. Then he acts like he is mad at me and yells real loud and wags his finger at me. It's hilarious. I'll never get tired of that game. Okay, well I'm gonna go. I think I have thought of the perfect spot this time. I just haven't quite figured out how I'm going to get it into his sock drawer. Wish me luck!


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