Friday, August 25, 2006

Pirate Blog

Arrr!!! It be 8 days since me last blog entry. The seas have been rough and me WiFi could not connect. But alas it is now calm and I have 4 bars. The last 8 days have been eventful ones. First we was attacked by those scurvy dogs run by the so-called Captain Pink Beard. He be the toughest man I've ever seen with a pink beard. Our ship be badly wrecked after that scourge and me Captain was in a vengeful mood. So we set anchor at the next small settlement we could find and plundered our measely guts out. That poor shire never saw it coming. Har har harrrr. That was some good pillaging if I might say so me self. We repaired our ship and loaded it up with plenty of gun powder. Now we be back on the seas on the hunt for Captain Pink Beard's ship. When we find him we are going to cut off that beard and sew it into a nice sweater. Arrr!!!


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