Thursday, January 18, 2007

I Heart Technology

I was surfin' around the net looking for cool gizmos to imagine I can afford. I came across and their video conferencing equipment. Basically, it's video conferencing with a huge wide screen TV and mondo speakers. Awesome. Here's 10 ways I would misuse this technology.

1. Video Poker
: Can't get a decent game together because all your friends have children to tend to? No worries!

2. Video Poke Her : Having trouble keeping the spark alive in your long distance relationship? No worries!

3. Tailored Suits from Home: Tired of having to leave your house in order to get sized up for a wedding tuxedo? Now you can do it from home. Warning, the camera adds 5 pounds.

4. Make Me Proud Bobby!: Are you a hard working dad who just can't make it out to your kid's little league games? Have Mom set up a screen next to her in the bleachers and show your son you almost care.

5. Congress: It's only a matter of time before all the seats in Congress are filled with these.

6. The Whole Truth, in High Def: Do you like testifying against the Mafia but hate being shot at?

7. The Whole Girl, in High Def: Do you like going to strip clubs but hate being "shot" at?

8. Stinky Friend: Now I can finally hang out with my friend with the B.O. problem.

9. Snow Day!: Enjoy the great outdoors from greater indoors.

10. Self Esteem Mirror: Girls can set it up where their mirror goes, and hire a much better looking girl to be on the other end. Then they will mimic their every move when they are in front of the mirror so that they can feel good about themselves.


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