Sunday, January 28, 2007

10 Reasons I've Been Too Busy to Blog

Lately you may have noticed that I have not been keeping up with my blogging as regularly as I used to. I know what you're thinking, "Man what an A-hole!" But I promise you that I have good excuses for my recent dearth. Here are 10 reasons I've been too busy to blog...

1. Role Playing: I finally decided to check out this Second Life game that everyone has been talking about so much. I'm not really into role playing and stuff of that nature, but in this game I get to create a digital version of myself, and I get to have a mustache! If you'd like to find me in Second Life, my name is Smitty Box.

2. Willamette Week: I recently started an internship at Willamette Week, a weekly newspaper in Portland, Oregon. They are a nationally recognized paper and the 2nd biggest paper in Portland. I'm writing for them, and much like my blog, I don't get paid, but at least I don't get to choose what I write about and some guy barks commands at me all day.

3. Light Bulbs: You know that old joke, "How many BLANKS does it take to screw in a light bulb?" Well we've needed to replace some light bulbs around here, and apparently it takes more than one of me.

4. Registering: Remember that post where I showed you that picture of me and my cousin "going down" Splash Mountain? Well, apparently the authorities got a hold of that and now I have to go door to door in my neighborhood introducing myself to all of my neighbors as a sex offender.

5. Wishing: My biological clock is ticking and it is dawning on me that I may never have...a mustache. Lately I've been spending hours staring in the mirror at my upper lip, just day dreaming.

6. Hiding: Nate the Ninja is out there. I really don't have time to blog when I'm trying to find the best possible hiding place.

7. Basketball: I joined a city rec league basketball team with my buddies so I can re-live my glory years of high school. I don't remember getting whooped by guys who were 35 years older than me.

8. Expecting: My wife and I are trying to have a baby, and by that I mean we are walking around the mall looking for cute babies to steal.

9. Autotape: Remember that video of me playing with the black & decker Autotape? Well, that little guy sits right next to my computer and I have sat down to write many a blog and been completely distracted by the wonders that the Autotape beholds. In fact...



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