Monday, December 25, 2006

Last Gift Blog

When I was a kid my parents would always save one big gift for last and say "you know what Nate, I think the cat is stuck in the garage. Why don't you go out and get him?" And then I'd go to the garage and there would be an awesome gift. Well, this blog entry is sort of like that, except it could very possibly be a major let down. But Meowkaat, here is my answer to your tag.

3 Things I Want for Christmas
1. Peace on the Moon. I figure we're never going to get it here and eventually we'll be living on the Moon, so we might as well get off to a good start.
2. Good will towards Min. He's my nunchuck instructor.
3. 1000's of readers. Want to get me something for Christmas? Tell your friends about my blog.

3 Things I Don't Want for Christmas
1. A punch in the balls. I get that every year!
2. My two front teeth. That would make things crowded.
3. A Holiday sweater from Grandma.


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