Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Houston...We have a question.

An article on yesterday announced that NASA was dealing with a lot of uncomfortable questions. Among these questions were if they were one a 3 year mission to Mars and an astronaut died, should they dispose of the body, and if so, how? Another question they are tossing around in their think tanks is how should astronauts handle their sexual needs during an extended space mission? (Remember, things are messier in zero gravity)

Here are 10 more awkward questions I'd like to see NASA deal with:

1. After 2 years of space travel, is it okay to tell your co-astronaut that he has been saying your name wrong since you first launched?
2. What is the best way to tell a fellow astronaut that their breath stinks? Can you ask him to wear his mask the whole time?
3. In space, if you smelled it, did you dealt it?
4. Is it still okay to refer to black holes as "black"?
5. When getting back into the space ship after walking on the moon, do standard "shotgun" rules apply?
6. Is it okay to yell "fire!" in space? Because seriously, there can't be fire in space.
7. If it's okay to cheat on your girlfriend with another woman when you are in a different zip code, is it okay to cheat on your girlfriend with a dude when you are in a different orbit?
8. We can't torture people here on earth, but if we find aliens...c'mon, can we torture them a little?
9. Due to NASA's rigorous health standards for all its astronauts, including women, is it safe to say that NASA has a "No fat chicks!" policy?
10. If they watch "Apollo 13" during their flight, can that be logged as extra training?


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