Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Are You Healthier Than a Fifth Grader?

So I'm strolling through grocery store, and by that I mean I was fighting traffic in an extremely aggravated manner and cussing out little stay at home moms as they amble down the aisles with no real sense of direction, and what do I find? Maybe the greatest food item endorsed by a redneck comedian ever! Jeff Foxworthy "Premium Quality" Beef Jerky. YESSSSSS!!!! A quote from Jeff says that this beef jerky is so good you'll want to eat it naked. I highly doubted that. Of all the foods in the world that I would consider it a faux pas to eat while naked, jerky really takes the cake. But once I got home and opened up a bag of Jeff's Jerky, oddly enough I found myself wanting to remove articles of clothing. Don't worry, I was able to maintain control. But damn, it is good. My Wife and I seriously considered going back to the grocery store, and filling a shopping cart with it, and then having a week's worth of meals that consisted solely of Jeff Foxworthy Beef Jerky and potato chips.

Another noteworthy item is the sticker that says "10% MORE." If you look closer it goes on to say "than 3.65 oz. size!" Well, it's a 4 oz. bag. So, I would sure hope that they'd give us 10% more when the bag is 10% bigger. But I guess that is pretty exciting.

Anyway, look for this at your local grocer. It should be right next to the Jeff Foxworthy Defibrillator. "So much voltage, you'll want to defibrillate yourself naked!"


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