Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Game Name

Apparently Roller Derby is taking the nation by storm. Here in Portland we have our own league called the Rose City Rollers. The league is full of wiry women and burly broads (is it socially acceptable to call a girl burly?) who skate around a rink in crazy outfits and bash the mammaries out of each other. Each team member has an awesome nickname to accentuate their pseudo psychotic tendencies. A couple good examples are "Axl Blows," "Slaymate," and "November Pain." While these nicknames are good, I think they could come up with some even better names. Here are 10 suggestions:

1. The Menstrual Marauder
2. Lady Laceration
3. Body Bag Becky
4. The Mammary Masher
5. The Ovarian Ogre
6. Sally Struthers (that's scary enough on its own)
7. The Hot Flash
8. Vaginal Creamer
9. Lucille Brawl
10. WMD (Woman of Mass Destruction)


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