Monday, March 26, 2007

The Doctor has seen you now

You might remember an entry I wrote for called Just What the Dr. Ordered. In case you don't, go read it first, then come back and read this.

Welcome back. How'd you like it? Good. Yeah, I thought it was pretty funny when I was writing it. Well, guess what. Dr. Perper finally came out with his autopsy! And if you thought I was a little off base with what I said about him in that last article, check out some of these quotes.

"The chest is symmetrical and shows no evidence of injury. There were bilateral breasts with asymmetry of the left breast due to scarring."

"The flat abdomen has no injuries."

"The buttocks have inconspicuous small scars, bilaterally. There is a flat, round scar on the lower aspect of the left buttock approximately ½ inch in diameter."

"The genitalia are those of a normally developed adult woman."

"The anus is unremarkable."

I think that last one was sort of a cheap shot. Thank you Doctor, but I think the deceased might want a second opinion.


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