Monday, March 26, 2007

High Five, Me!

I have a new favorite thing! I have long been a big fan of high fives. They're the perfect way to express a sense of happiness/satisfaction/team togetherness/accomplishment or for two one-armed dudes to clap as a team. And high fives are way better than low fives (this is because I was always too slow). Also, high fives are much more inclusive than high threes. Those can get awkward, and if done incorrectly they are painful.

I look for opportunities to give and get high fives whenever possible. Hey! Our team won the Superbowl! High Five!.....Nice cat. High Five!......I finally grew a mustache! High Five! (I can dream)....I finished another blog entry....HIGH FIVE! Needless to say, I'm a big fan of The Todd on Scrubs.

But recently it's been a lot harder to get people to join me in a good high five. A lot of people are really cynical these days and don't like expressing their enthusiasm in a physical manner, let alone one that involves making contact with another human. And the people who do enjoy expressing joy in that way, have developed this new brand of joint human physical contact enthusiasm called the pound. This involves punching each other's fists. Unlike a high five, the goal is not to do it as hard as you can in order to make a loud enthusiastic sound. I wish someone had told me this before I tried it.

Also, people who are willing to dish out a good old fashioned high five are usually really out of practice. For instance, my Wife. Sorry honey, but you suck at high fives. If you ever gave me a good high five, we'd have to high five again in order to celebrate it, and you'd probably ruin the second one, and then that would negate the whole thing.

Nevertheless, I have found the answer to all my high fiving woes. I found it at a site called which has a funny video explaining the differences of how men and women take showers. At one point in the video, the man gives himself a high five in the mirror! Brilliant! What better way to get your daily affirmation off to the right start than with a high five to yourself!? And you can be sure that you'll get good square high five. In fact, if you miss the high five, you might want to get a new mirror. Also, make sure you don't do it too hard. Otherwise, you will HAVE to get a new mirror.


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