Monday, June 16, 2008

10 Machines I'd like to see as Transfomers in Transformers 2

Michael Bay and his goons are already hard at work on the sequel to the first Transformers movie. The first one was great because we got to see all the characters we had grown to love as children. But for this go around, I'd like to see some new characters emerge.

10 Machines I'd like to see as Transformers in the Sequel

1. Short Bus: An Autobot named Helmet.
2. Wrecking Ball Crane: This could be Optimus Prime's wife which he would refer to as his ol' Ball & Chain.
3. Claw Vending Machine AKA the Crane Game at Wal-Mart: This Autobot would have all sorts of useful weapons inside of him, but in order to get them out, the other Autobots have to play him.
4. Blackberry: This Decepticon would be the first legitimate iPhone killer.
5. Nintendo Wii Fit: This Decepticon would take the "slowly but surely" route to killing humans by tricking children into thinking they are working out until eventually all humans are fat blobs and we have no chance to defend ourselves.
6. Treadmill: I'm pretty sure treadmills already are evil robots set out to destroy us. See this video for proof.
7. Battery Charger: This would be another Decepticon that would trick you into thinking it is charging your precious batteries, and then when you need battery power the most, you've been Decepticonned!
8. Transformer (as in the power generator): "Transformer! More than meets the name!"
9. Stupid Japanese Trumpet Playing Robot: "Oh, that robot is's just playing the trumpet. It's not even actually playing the trumpet. It's just holding a trumpet to its face and emitting trumpet sounds from its speakers. Big deal....WAIT! IT TURNED INTO A BIGGER SCARIER ROBOT! OH GOD! IT'S KILLING EVERYONE!"
10. Al Gore: He is a robot...right?


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