Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Obama's Picks for VP

So according to this article at CNN.com Barack Obama and his crack squad of strategirizers are discussing their top 20 possible choices for Obama's Vice President. Barack is keeping the list to himself which, if you ask me, is pretty elitist. Everyone is expecting an elite list (there he goes again!) of politicians. But I'd like to see Obama get a little more creative with his choice for VP. Here are my ideas.

10 People I Hope Barack Obama Chooses as Vice President

1. Bill Clinton: I'd like to see Barack's vindictive side come out by forcing the former first lady to now be the second lady.
2. Stephen Colbert: I put him on this list just hoping to get the "Colbert Bump."
3. Oprah: Let's spread the "everyone gets a car!" love around a little more.
4. Michael Jackson: Then people will stop saying Barack isn't black enough.
5. John McCain: It's hard to run for President when you're also running for Vice President against yourself.
6. Donald Trump: If Barack wants to shake up Washington, he's going to need someone on his side who knows how to say, "You're Fired!"
7. Osama Bin Laden: Maybe if they are standing next to each other West Virginians will finally realize they are not the same guy.
8. Christopher Walken: I'd just really love to hear him talk about taxes.
9. Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton: Hillary Clinton as VP would be annoying, but Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton as VP would be hillarious!
10. Dick Cheney: Sometimes you just need a guy who is willing to shoot people in the face.


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