Saturday, May 31, 2008

The In-Blank-ble Hulk

So Universal Pictures has basically decided to shake the etcha-sketch on their original Incredible Hulk movie, which they released in 2003, and start all over this time with Edward Norton as the big green hero. Now most people will agree the first one wasn't that great and could really use a makeover. But I say, why stop at changing the writers, actors, and director? Let's change the character too! That whole "You won't like me when I'm angry," thing is so over done. So instead of a new Incredible Hulk movie, let's see a movie about a different kind of Hulk.

10 Hulk Movies I'd rather see. (In no particular order!)

1. The Infallible Hulk : Instead of Edward Norton as the Hulk, how about the Pope?
2. The Inedible Hulk: I will not eat Green Eggs and Hulk.
3. The Indisputable Hulk: The Hulk enters himself into the Mr. Universe body building contest, and is losing, until he gets very angry and becomes the clear winner.
4. The Insatiable Hulk: The Hulk cruises through the red light district in a desperate attempt to satisfy his inner urges.
5. The Intangible Hulk: This is a sequel to the Hulk movies, where he comes back as a ghost.
6. The Inconceivable Hulk: I really can't imagine what this would be.
7. The Indescribable Hulk: In this movie, the Hulk would be this kind of...well, he would be a's hard to put it into words. You'll just have to see it.
8. The Interchangeable Hulk: So at first Eric Bana would be the Hulk, and then it would be Edward Norton....
9. The Indecipherable Hulk: The Hulk is a college professor with a speech impediment. Frustrated by his students' inability to understand him, all Hulk breaks loose. (I am copyrighting that brilliant tag line!)
10. The Inadmissible Hulk: Roger Clemens' lawyer attempts to admit the Hulk as evidence in his steroids trial, but the judge won't allow it.


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