Monday, May 12, 2008

Lions, Tigers and Squares, Oh My!

According to this article (see here) Stephen Hawking is going on safari. He's traveling through South Africa in search of Africa's Einstein. I immediately had a flurry of ideas to write on this topic all of which seemed dead set on offending either Africans, or people in wheelchairs. So instead, here are the

Top 10 posts about Stephen Hawking going to Africa that I won't write.

1. Hawking does Circles of Life in his wheelchair.
2. Hawking receives standing ovation, the ultimate insult.
3. Genius gets sunburn. 
4. Hawking visits Africa, cures AIDS in 2 days.
5. Hawking has mosquito net installed on wheelchair.
6. Hawking changes theory to "African Holes."
7. Hawking studies Big Bang in Africa, returns with Jungle Fever.
8. Super Genius in wheelchair visits Africa, locals were hoping for Superman in wheelchair.
9. Hawking goes to Africa, wheelchair overheats.
10. Hawking searches for African Einstein...or Don King.


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