Friday, May 30, 2008

Nate is a part time Blog

If this site makes you laugh, and you wish it was updated more frequently, please donate to the Best Nate Smith Ever! using one of the options below.

"But Nate, why should I give you any money?"

Well, respected reader, I'd like to spend 40 hours a week working on this blog so that every time you visit you have something new to laugh at. But until I can make as much money from this as I do from my job, I can't convince my wife to let me quit my day job. So you can either donate a few bucks, or break up my marriage...but I really like my marriage.

To make a payment via check, money order, cash, or gold bars, please use the following mailing address:

Best Nate Smith Ever!
PO Box 426
West Linn, OR, 97068

Please make your checks payable to Nate Smith.

Don't have any money? Here are a list of 10 things I will take as donations instead of money.
1. Nunchucks
2. Any other ninja weapons
3. really cool notebooks
4. a job writing for a late night talk show.
5. high fives. (Please deliver this one in person)
6. Mike & Ikes
7. Mt. Dew
8. The name and contact information of a Nate Smith that you think I should challenge in the Best Nate Smith Ever! contest.
9. A real live Unicorn (no fakes will be accepted)
10. Something that I could easily sell for money.


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