Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wishbone's are legit!

I know this post is a bit late but hey, the holidays are a busy
season. I just wanted to document my experience with the age old
tradition of breaking the wishbone. My wife and I decided to break a
wishbone together. I had what I thought was the most clever idea ever.
"Let's wish for the same thing so that we can be sure it will come
true!" What an amazing scheme! I immediately began thinking of the
possibilities. Nintendo TV...lifetime supply of Mt. Dew.
Then I remembered that if we say it out loud it won't come true. So
Ashley and I agreed to silently guess what we both wanted. So now I'm
thinking a trip to the Bahamas...a new car...the trash to magically
take itself out. So we both grabbed the wishbone and pulled and as if
to say, "You can't trick me!" the wishbone broke into 4 even parts.
Neither one of us was the winner. I used to think wishbones were a
hokey tradition. Now I totally believe in them and can't wait for next
Thanksgiving. And I guess the trash won't be taken out anytime
soon...because hell if I'm going to do it.


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