Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nike Native

Nike is reportedly producing a line of shoes made soley for Native Americans. They will distributing the shoes to tribal wellness programs and tribal schools at a discount. They will be called the Air Natives. I know they have their own marketing team but I thought I'd take a shot at coming up with some slogan ideas. These may be racially insensitive.

  1. Say "How" to the new Air Natives.
  2. The Air Natives, not your chief's mocassins.
  3. The Air Natives, $119.99 or 400 acres of reservation.
  4. The Air Natives, because your athletic wear shouldn't be a gamble.
  5. The Air Natives, reserve yours today.
  6. The Air Natives, so good you'll give them as a gift and then take them back.
  7. The Air Natives, hey sorry for that whole stealing your land thing.
  8. The Air Natives, so comfortable the Trail of Tears is no big deal.
  9. The Air Natives, What would you do with out the White Man?
  10. The Air Natives, made for cheap by natives of another land. Sold for cheap to natives of this land.


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